Dryer Vent Cleaning


The most common cause of house fires is failure to clean drying fans, and vents should be cleaned by a trained professional every year. The cleaning of lint traps after washing is one of the most important steps to prevent dryer fires, along with the cleaning of the drying fan.

The fluff accumulates more and more when the device is running, and this build-up clogs the dryer ventilation, restricts the airflow and poses a potential fire hazard. Fluff forms on the air conditioning system, which restricts the airflow, clogs the air and restricts the ventilation.

When you are in need of a dryer vent cleaning in Houston, don’t just hire anyone to clean your vents. A dry ventilation engineer is at your disposal to save energy and money while protecting your home. All American Chimney will do the job properly and get the results permanently.

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