Direct Vent Maintenance

Many homes have gas fireplaces and homeowners think they can wait for something to go wrong. Unfortunately, this usually happens at the worst possible time and many homes do not have a gas fireplace due to the high cost of gas.

You can save time and money by taking a few minutes to check some of the more obvious things and arrange a visit from a licensed fireplace service professional. Gas fireplaces do not require maintenance, as they are considered to be effectively clean fuel and maintenance is not required as usual. The most important routine maintenance product is pilot assembly, as some designs have a pilot torch that remains stationary on the controller at all times. Some systems have pilot lights that are only on when the system is in operation, while others light the torch directly from the pilot system using electronic ignition.

There are a number of parts, including burners, logs and grilles, that can be damaged, obstructed or worn out during normal use. All American Chimney, based in Houston, Texas, performs chimney cleaning and gas evaluation simultaneously each year. The entire system is checked and soot particles can form, which reduces the own performance.

Different types of gas fireplaces behave differently in their performance, so ask your local gas company for the best possible results.

Although gas fireplaces are understood for effective clean burning fuel, they do require to be frequently maintained similar to any other type of heating appliance. There are a range of parts including the burner, logs and grate, that can end up being damaged, obstructed or wear during normal use. Likewise, particles of soot can build-up on the surfaces inside the firebox, on the doors and on the burner, itself reducing its performance.

With All American Chimney located in Houston Texas, you can usually have your yearly chimney cleaning and gas evaluation scheduled at the very same time. Matter of fact, your entire system must be inspected each year, top to bottom. A fire burning inside your home is important to keep safe and well maintained. You may or may not know that there are various kinds of gas fireplaces.

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