Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep

All American Chimney of Houston, Texas, continues to be a major service provider for homeowners who are in need of a chimney sweep. It can be easy to forget that this is required on an annual basis, and often gets put off on the to-do list for many homeowners.

In the chimney sweep process, we are looking at many variables to determine if your chimney is functioning properly. There are unfortunately many things that could be going wrong that you don’t know about. 

A small flaw in the fireplace cladding can create a path for carbon monoxide and hot embers into your home. What may seem like a small problem can be an important warning signal for the experienced eye.

A crack in the crown of the brickwork can allow water to enter, which can damage the structure of your chimney and cause expensive damage. If damage is detected, you will receive a detailed report with all available solutions.

If you remove large amounts of creosote from your chimney, you can save hundreds of dollars and it will protect you from serious damage. Safety is worth the investment, but it is wise to seek a second opinion if the chimney sweep recommends expensive repairs.

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