Chimney Repair‚Äč

Brick work, if it is done poorly, looks bad and needs to be replaced by a professional. If the chimney itself needs to be repaired or bricked, it needs a company with craftsmanship and skill.

All American Chimney is the expert in the repair of all types of chimneys. Chimneys need to be maintained and so that they can perform so well that they last for decades. All American Chimney’s provides chimney maintenance and chimney repair services in the Houston, Texas area.

The construction team provides complete and partial chimney repairs, and All American Chimney’s services include the installation and maintenance of new brick fireplaces and chimneys in the Houston area. Our certified repair technicians bring brick chimneys into a new state and enjoy the craft of masonry to help customers maintain their homes, businesses, homes and apartments in Houston, Texas.

We increase the aesthetic value of your chimney from the inside out and ensure that it is sealed to protect it from moisture, smoke and other harmful air pollutants, as well as heat and smoke damage.

Waterproofing your chimney is crucial to maintaining a dry and properly functioning fireplace. A damp chimney can freeze and is damaged by water when it turns to ice and can cause damage to walls and ceiling.

Waterproofing works help to protect the chimney itself from damage and can take ten years or more depending on the application. All American Chimney technicians use high-quality waterproofing techniques on repaired or reconstructed fireplaces to maximize service life and structure.

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