Chimney Inspections

It may not be a pleasant or relaxing topic, but you have to think about how your chimney is performing. As winter approaches and you look forward to enjoying your fireplace, it may be time for a chimney inspection.

If you have a fireplace in your home, you may be wondering what you actually need to do to operate it properly and safely. When evaluating your fireplace, chimney or gas fireplace, our certified technicians will discuss how to enjoy the fireplace and plan your ventilation system. The consequences can be very serious, so take the time to understand the problems you have had.

As with the rest of the house, your chimney can experience problems due to use and contact with elements, so you should do your annual chimney inspection.

Chimney sweeping or chimney replacement can lead to dangerous indoor conditions caused by chimneys in your home, such as smoke, smoke inhalation or fireworks damage.

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